​Q: Will my child have a locker?

A: No. Students are issued lockers for Physical Education (PE) only. There are no lockers in our school for regular student use throughout the day.

Q: Does my child need to have a planner?

A: Yes. Students will receive an AMS planner at the beginning of school which serves as a communication tool between students, teaches, and parents. The AMS planner is provided for each student by Avalon Middle School and should be treated like a textbook. Students will use their planner to record homework assignments, tests, school activities, and messages to parents/guardians. Students are required to take their AMS planner to each class and home each day. If the student's planner is defaced, destroyed, lost, misplaced, stolen, etc., it must be replaced at the student's expense. See Student Handbook for replacement costs.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns regarding bus transportation?

A: The Dean of Students is the transportation contact at Avalon Middle, or you can follow the Santa Rosa Schools link below to find contact information for the head of the transportation department.

Q: What kind of progress reports can I expect for my child?

A: Parents have 24 hour access to the online grading program utilized by Avalon Middle teachers via the school's homepage. Because of this immediate access to student grades, there is no requirement for progress reports to be sent home. Report cards are printed each 9 weeks and sent home with students to share with their parents. Instructions for using the grade portal can also be found on the school's homepage.

Q: How do I contact my child's teachers?

A: To contact your child's teachers you may call the school during normal school hours and the secretary will connect you with the teacher's voicemail. You may also send a note with the student requesting the teacher to call you on his/her planning period or at their convenience. Lastly, there are email links available on the Faculty & Staff page within this website that you may utilize to send an email directly to the teacher with whom you wish to speak.

Q: How do I schedule a conference with teachers?

A: You may contact the Guidance department to schedule a parent-teacher conference by calling 850-983-5540.

Q: What do I do if my child needs to take medication at school?

A: All medicine, both prescription and non-prescription, must be disbursed by the school nurse and a Dispersion of Medicine form must be completed by a parent/guardian and kept on-file at the school. If your child MUST take medicine during the day, a parent/guardian must bring the medicine to school. DO NOT send the medicine in with the student. All morning doses should be administered before the child leaves for school.

Q: Are any health screenings on my child done at school?

A: Health screenings are not conducted without prior parent approval. During the 6th grade, parents & students will receive information about the availability of specific health screenings. A letter will be sent home with the student.

Q: How are computers used by students at school?

A: Computers are used in a variety of ways at Avalon Middle School:
- to access the media center card catalog
- to check the online gradebook
- to compose essays
- to research topics for classes or complete assignments
Students must have an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) granting permission by the parent/guardian to access the Internet. If an AUP is not on file, the students will not have access to the above named resources.

Q: Does my child need a calculator for math class?

A: Yes, a basic calculator is needed.

Q: Will the students use Accelerated Reader in middle school?

A: Yes, Accelerated Reader is available to Avalon Middle students. It is not an integral part of the curriculum, but many books in the media center are part of the Accelerated Reader program.

Q: What is the criteria for placement into advanced classes?

A: The criteria to be placed in an advanced class is a level 4 or 5 on FCAT Math and an 85 or higher average in math the previous year.

Q: Are students required to dress out for physical education?

A: Yes, students are required to dress out for physical education. They must wear white or gray shirts and black, blue, or gray shorts (appropriate school length). If students do not dress out, daily points are deducted and they will not be allowed to participate in that day's lesson. Students are required to dress out for security & sanitary reasons.