Welcome Military Families

Avalon Middle School offers support to all military children in the form of a student transition team. Our school recognizes that military children experience many transitions which can be stressful. The team consists of peer counselors with one of our students serving as the transition team coordinator.  This team provides a military peer-support system as well as helping our new military students become familiar with our school during their first couple of weeks at AMS.  Please contact Ms. Katelyn Bigger, AMS School Counselor, to start the process. Avalon Middle School reserves at least 5% of open enrollment seat for military students as defined in Section 1002.31, F.S.

Avalon Middle School is proud to serve the many military families who work and live in our community. We are committed to providing support, resources, and enriching programs to enhance our military students' educational experiences and support their families. Please visit our district Military Families page for information relevant to all military families at Santa Rosa County District Schools.

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Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission